The Process

Quartz kitchen worktops are a popular choice for homeowners and interior designers looking for a durable, stylish and low-maintenance surface for their kitchens. Quartz is a natural mineral that is extracted from the ground in large slabs, which are then processed and cut into the right size and shape for use as a kitchen worktop. Here is an overview of the process of making quartz kitchen worktops, from digging it out of the ground to installing it in a kitchen.

Mining and Extraction

Quartz is a mineral that is found in the earth’s crust and is commonly mined in large, open-pit mines. The extraction process begins by clearing the land and drilling deep into the earth’s surface to access the quartz deposits. Explosives are then used to blast the quartz out of the ground, creating large slabs that can be as long as 20 feet and as thick as 6 inches.

Granite Transformations

From the depths and pressures of thousands of years underground comes the Granite that will transform your home and add value to your property for years to come.

Granite is made up of interlocking mineral crystals, the most common being feldspar. But an array of other minerals can be included, and these make each piece of granite unique. Feldspar is the white mineral you see in granite; the light grey veins are quartz; and the black is typically mica.

Transport and Cutting

After the quartz has been extracted from the ground, it is transported to a processing plant where it is sorted, cleaned, and cut into the right size and shape for use as a kitchen worktop. This process involves cutting the large slabs of quartz into smaller sections using specialized saws and blades. The quartz is then polished to create a smooth and even surface.

Mixing and Pressing

Once the quartz has been cut and polished, it is mixed with resins and other materials to create a strong and durable composite material that is suitable for use as a kitchen worktop. This mixture is then pressed into large slabs using a hydraulic press that applies pressure of up to 100 tons per square inch. The slabs are then cured at high temperatures to ensure that they are strong, stable, and resistant to heat, scratches, and stains.

Finishing and Fabrication

After the quartz slabs have been pressed and cured, they are ready to be fabricated into kitchen worktops. This involves cutting the slabs into the right size and shape for the kitchen, as well as cutting holes for sinks, taps, and other fixtures. The edges of the worktops are then shaped and polished to create a smooth and even finish. 

Turning raw granite into countertops requires special tools. Granite can be custom-made and professionally installed, but it’s also available in pre-cut and edged countertops. The kitchen’s design, the shapes and sizes of the available pre-cut material and the location of the seams will help determine if you can use pre-cut and edged granite or if you need a custom installation.

Washington Worktops
Washington Worktops

Our Working Process

All of the jobs that we do are all Custom made specifically to the exacting demands of our customers.  We only use the best equipment to produce the finest bespoke Granite, Quartz and Porcelain worktops and surfaces.
Below are some of the machinery we use in the process of developing your worksurfaces.

German – GMM Extra 5 axis CNC saw for precision cuts.  

Italian – 5 axis Breton K26 Robocup CNC for the most accurate profile edging, cut outs and drainer groves.  

Italian – Sasso Meccanica 6.4 for the perfect chamfer and edge finish.  

At Washington worktops we pride ourselves on our workmanship, customer service and great prices, we want to make the process from picking your dream worktops to installation as seamless as possible. We use state of the art machinery, and all manufacturing is done in house by trained professionals. To make the whole process a lot easier here is what to expect:

· Visit our office and choose materials that you would like an estimate for.

· Material is confirmed and 50% deposit is paid.

· Template is booked to measure the worktops. (If unsure of date you can call us up closer to the time, please note we cannot always accommodate specific dates).

· Material is ordered (Not all materials are always in stock and could take longer to get to us)

· Template is completed and emailed to Washington Worktops office and checked, (sometimes measurements change from original measurements given at the beginning of the process, if this happens you will be notified).

· Once the template has been checked we will call to arrange an installation date, from template to installation it is around 7 – 10 working days.

· Remaining balance must be paid the day before installation, Washington Worktops office will call to take payment. Cash payments also must be paid the day before installation.

· Your worktops are installed by one of our installation teams!

If required we can remove existing worktops and arrange for a plumber to disconnect and reconnect, this is at an extra charge and must be arranged with office staff, however we do not take responsibility for any electrical work. Fitters and templaters are all subcontracted and any changes to measurements or material must always be dealt with in office, we will not take responsibility if information has not been directly given to office staff. We aim to get any remedial work done within 14 days from being notified, we require picture evidence of any issues sent to with detailed explanation so we can pass on to the relevant fitting team. Any remedial work required 1 year after installation will be charged.



Our expert team of advisors and stonemasons can help you decide the best option for you.



We will then supply you with our official quotation following our survey to measure.



Our Intallation department wil then make a convenient appointment to come to you and install.



Our supervisor will then inspect the completed job with you and make sure you are happy.

Washington Worktops
Washington Worktops
Washington Worktops

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